Smaller is better !

  • The PicoPump is an ultra compact insulin pump with a capacity of 3ml weighing just 2 oz.
The 4-step setup takes a matter of seconds








Insert a PenFill cartridge into the pump










Insert the disposable unit into the pump










Start the automatic priming










Attach the infusion set onto the skin





PicoSulin is the result of several years of research and development in the field of micro liquid delivery. The simplicity of the system is based on the use of a plastic micro pump which is connected to an ultra precise mechanical system (patent pending) capable of delivering a bolus of 25nl (0.0025U) that is 10 times more precise than any other pump on the market which delivers 250nl (0.025U). It uses a standard AAA battery.

What’s more, the micro pump uses a volumetric pump mechanism capable of aspirating the insulin directly from prefilled cartridge.

Performance aside, it has the major advantages of its very small size and modular design: the “Picopump” is a portable pump weighing just 2 oz (60 grams), loaded with a PenFill cartridge of 3ml of insulin, 50% smaller than the smallest pump on the market.